The Harry Meadley Show (Jerwood Staging Series), Jerwood Space, London
LEVEL 4, 1.51 (Whitechapel Gallery Window Space), London

Moments of Zen [w/ David McLeavy], Turf, London

LEVEL 3, Spike Island (Test Space), Bristol

hibition [w/ Sean Kaye], Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, Leeds
LEVEL 2, Cactus, Liverpool
Code Duello [w/ Alex Farrar], LOODS 6, Amsterdam

LEVEL 1, Paradise Row (The Basement), London
Play It as It Lies, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow

Stay Gold, Annet Gelink Gallery (The Bakery), Amsterdam

No Hands, The Institute of Jamais Vu, London
lives and works, LimaZulu, London


Five Finger Discount, Bronze Dog, Göteborg
Associate Artists, Liverpool Biennial
General Studies, OUTPOST Studios, Norwich
Shape Up Or Ship Out, Left Leg Gallery, Newcastle
The Kippenberger Challenge, de Appel, Amsterdam
Saga (Tamaran), El Castillo, Santa Brigida, Gran Canaria
FOUR WORDS, Liverpool Media Wall

Cascading Relevant Information, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool
Italian and British artists meet Milan N.2, BeatTricks, Milan
Rabble M.C., HUTT, Nottingham
Discovery Centre, Leeds Weirdo Club
Cactus, The Manchester Contemporary, Manchester
Display Show, Eastside Projects, Birmingham
I’M Ten, IMT Gallery, London
You think the only people who are people, are the people who look like you. But if you walk in the footsteps of a stranger, you learn things you never knew you never knew., Two Queens, Leicester
Tuff Crowd, Picnic Picnic, Sheffield
Business As Usual, Turf, London; Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival, Pyramid arts centre, Warrington
Finite Project Altered When Open, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow
Faux Show, Assembly House, Leeds
Cheese Cube, TOAST, Manchester
Small bird's nest with blue eggs inside, MMX Gallery, London
The Programme, Hanover Project, Lancashire

Champagne Murders, Leeds Weirdo Club
£1 FISH, S1 Artspace, Sheffield
Dom Peri, Leeds Weirdo Club
Form: Perform: Reform, Generator Projects, Dundee
The Print, Leeds Weirdo Club
Emotional Resources, Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sunderland
The Panj Piare ASSEMBLE, Grand Union, Birmingham
I Dunno Shit, Rouge Project Space, Manchester
First Year, Leeds Weirdo Club
Day Release, The Northern Charter, Newcastle

Wu Tang - Killa Beez, blip blip blip, Leeds
Tip of the Iceberg, Contemporary Art Society, London
The Lucky and Unlucky Eskape, Leeds Weirdo Club
Contemporary Figuration, Udstillingsstedet Q, Copenhagen
Headless Body found in Topless Bar, Leeds Weirdo Club
My Brother's Work, Leeds Weido Club
An Arrangement in White, XO, Leeds

P L I N Y, The Golden Fleece, York
The Panj Piare VOLUME 2, Patrick Studios, Leeds
Plus Art Projects, The Mayor’s Parlour, London
The Institute of Jamais Vu at Co/Lab, Art Platform, Los Angeles
Eyes on the Prize, Trade, Nottingham
Eyes on the Prize, HMK {HotelMariaKapel}, Hoorn
Young British Art II, Dienstgebäude, Zürich
B.C.#2.1, Beach, London
B.C.#2, Mexico, Leeds
Glamourie, PSL, Leeds

Young British Art, Limoncello, London

The Panj Piare, PSL, Leeds
Demob Happy, Teto Projects, Amsterdam
A Latento: works by Alex Farrar, Harry Meadley, Iona Smith; Henry Moore Institute Library, Leeds

Some People Deserve Everything They Get, The Royal Standard, Liverpool
Souvenir, Leeds Met Gallery
ex, Leeds College of Art
superscript, East Street Arts, Leeds

Interim, Leeds College of Art

ROCK PAPER SCISSORS, Buchmann Galerie, Berlin