Ey Up Live with Bryony Bond

Bryony shares her background in photography, newspapers, and why it wasn’t for her, visiting galleries on her own as a teenager, curating as piggybacking, and why artists should choose their practice carefully; whilst I reflect on doing the podcast, utilising artistic license, genuineness as subversion, and trying not to worry so much.

Ey Up Ken+Julia Yonetani / Raul Valverde

Ken and Julia tell me about their journey into becoming an artist duo, playing John and Yoko, how living in beautiful places increases your environmental concerns, and the experience of starting a farm in rural Japan. Then I discuss with Raul our shared love of benches, the most beautiful bench in the world, his literal allergy to painting, and much more we seem to have in common.

Ey Up Remy Jungerman

Remy tells me about growing up in Suriname, giving up the comforts of working as a mechanical engineer to become an artist, moving to Amsterdam after an invitation to study at the Rietveld Academie, being considered a ‘Dutch Master of the 21st Century’, and how visiting his family altar had a profound effect on his artistic perspective.