Ey Up Stephen Sheehan

After getting through over thirty jobs by his mid-twenties and just before setting off to serve as a combat medic, Stephen made the decision to give it up and enrol on an Art & Design Access course at Wirral Met College. Only a few years later I now catch up with him upon his return from participating in the Karachi Biennial, Pakistan.

Ey Up Geraldine Snell / Tyler Coburn

Geri stops by to chat about not giving too much of your material away on the internet (hence why I’ve ended up cutting quite a bit out), undergoing life coaching, artist guilt, trying to be less apologetic and less dependent on inner turmoil to help make your work. Then I meet with Tyler whilst he’s over in the UK researching Garth Evans’ artist placement at British Steel, which may have had some big implications, and we talk pedagogy, precarity and their combined perpetuation.

Ey Up Derek Horton

Derek tells me about growing up in Birmingham, receiving a Technical Education, making adventure playgrounds, the artistic advantages of being a van driver, rural living, regional MA programmes, Fullerites, being among the first people to do a practice based PHD, and their unintended consequences.