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Ey Up is a weekly interview-based podcast in which I aim to learn more about, and hopefully something from, other artists and artful individuals.

Ey Up Elisabeth Molin

As an artist who makes quite mysterious work, I was really keen to learn more about Elisabeth, what’s behind her artistic approach, and really hadn’t anticipated the answer I would receive. Along the way we discovered quite a few shared experiences - and friends - and she somehow got me to reveal more than she probably did! It was clear how much she is interested in what’s underneath the surface level of most things we perceive, both in her artwork and as a person in the world, so was extra fascinating to see beyond hers.

It was also really nice to talk about one of my other great interests - ants. For instance, not many people realise that practically all the ants you ever see are female, or that they don’t even have lungs. Maybe in future I should try record a podcast with a Myrmecologist!

Elisabeth Molin is currently exhibiting as part of the exhibition When things become thoughts: a sinkhole in my terraformed mind, MAW Gallery, NYC; and has recently published two new book works Lies and Diet Coke and Black Rooms.