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Ey Up is a weekly interview-based podcast in which I aim to learn more about, and hopefully something from, other artists and artful individuals.

Ey Up Ken+Julia Yonetani / Raul Valverde

When I learnt about Ken and Julia’s lives as a married artist duo living on a farm in rural Japan, it pretty much seemed like the life I dream of having. I was fascinated to learn more about how their practice came about, their respective decisions to leave their jobs in pursuit of art, and the concerns that underpin their work. Reassuringly I think my romanticisation of them and their lifestyle is something I’m even more envious of; though I did forget to ask about their upcoming presentation at the Armory Show

Then to further indulge my own interests, I spoke with Raul, who having seen a presentation I gave in which I showed a selection of photographs I took of benches for my On the Bench project; told me he also has a collection of photographs of benches and is working on a bench-related project himself. And maybe unsurprisingly it turned out we have a lot of other shared interests and opinions as artists.