Ey Up Chelsea Clarke

During my time in New York, mainly just out of interest (or you could call it artistic research), I undertook the Improv 101 course at the now famed Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Little did I know I had in fact signed up to the class of one of the best teachers and improvisors out there – Chelsea Clarke. Following our class show Chelsea very generously agreed to speak with me and answer many of the questions I had about improv, to learn more about her, and to generally process what she had put me and my classmates through – an experience I could not have expected to be as transformative as it was.

Apologies in advance if a lot of the improv language we use doesn’t make much sense, though hopefully it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. After several weeks in the UCB world I sort of forgot long-form improv has its whole own language. It really is a world unto itself and one I am very sad to not be able to continue within. In a way I believe had I of had the chance to discover improv at the same age Chelsea did as she was studying to be a visual artist, I might very much have stayed in that world and all.