Ey Up Simeon Barclay

Sometimes the real pleasure in making these recordings is just turning the mics on, sitting there, and listening whilst someone lays out their story. A debriefing - to use a military analogy, such as Simeon likes to do. I’ve known Simeon for many years since our days at Leeds Met together and have always been a huge admirer of both his work, him, and, of course, the way he dresses. ‘Simeon wears all clothing Louis Vuitton’ written beneath his portrait for a recent i-D article will give you a good sense.

I knew little bits and pieces of his life before he decided to pursue art, which for many years I sensed he was maybe quite guarded about - and something I can definitely relate to. In recent years there has been a transformation in his work, and alongside it himself, to more openly incorporate and recognise the value of his lived experience - which more and more I’ve come to learn is the step necessary to really start making meaningful work.