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Ey Up is a weekly interview-based podcast in which I aim to learn more about, and hopefully something from, other artists and artful individuals.

Ey Up Alfie Strong

Alfie is someone I have had the pleasure to get to know and witness develop as an artist a few years after he moved to Leeds about ten years ago. Though as is often the case, in all that time it felt we hadn’t really sat down and talked at length about it all. Prompted somewhat by his imminent departure from the city to start an MFA elsewhere, it felt like a nice point to reflect with him on this last decade: how it wasn’t until after art school he really started to learn, how socialising and collaborations have shaped his thinking, and becoming more interested in other people’s ideas than his own; the sometimes depressing nature of art making, dismantling and rebuilding your practice, getting older, and making room for the newer generation.

He also shares a little bit about his quite unusual upbringing in North Wales surrounded by the occult and esotericism, and how reconnecting with this through his work lead to a collaborative exhibition with his father at PERICLO, Wrexham, and ultimately brought them closer together.